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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weird War II - Pacific Theater, Part II

Over the holiday break I was watching a lot of WWII movies on Netflix, especially a lot of Pacific Theater.  Finishing up the IJA I had to finish my US Marines to go along with them.  These are Bolt Action models from Warlord Games.  To build this collection I had the boxed set and several blisters.  Like the IJA figures these have separate heads with lots of options to vary them, which came in helpful with some of the duplicate models.  Also that came with the Marines were extra bitz to customize the figures, which included extra packs and bags as well as some prize katanas.  The Marines are sculpted well, with some nice poses and all have a very scruffy look about them.  There's a few diorama type figures that are more vignette or diorama type pieces rather than playing pieces.  Namely the mortar team, which has the mortar in process of being assembled by 3 separate models.  Another is a Marine sitting and taking a break (which comes with alternate hand either holding a canteen or a piece of paper), the other is the stretcher bearer.


  1. Great work on these.

    What are planning to use them for? (AE-WWII and other stuff mayhap?)

    As one blogger to another this could be a great eclectic array of stuff, so it may be worth using labels to 'tag' posts to make cross-navigation easier as your post archive builds up. :)

  2. The Marines are planned for AE-WWII. I'm part of the playtest team for the Pacific War Expansion, so I bought these in anticipation of the official release.

    Thanks for the tips. I think there's some sort of widget to have tag links on the Blog. I've already started adding tags to each of the posts made so far. As far as ecclectic, you haven't seen what's coming up next (or the stuff I currently have). I'll be posting up shortly some Retro-SciFi, Super Heroes, and zombies shortly.